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U-Pick Sticker Pack (20 Count)


Choose your own sticker pack!

I partnered with local print master Arrex Skulls here in Portland, Oregon to bring you my original illustrations as colorful slaps.

Stickers are 3" by 3" and hand-screen printed on high quality vinyl.
Print styles vary and will include a mix of double-printed, single printed, multi-color and translucent vinyl.

4 designs to pick from:
- psychic cat
- poison dart frog
- space coyote head
- illuminaughty

Pack includes 20 individual stickers - you decide how many of each design you'd like, or I can make a random assortment for you.
Please remember to include your choices in a note at checkout. Otherwise you will receive 5 of each by default.

Want 5 dart frogs, 5 illuminaughty, 5 coyote heads and 5 cats? You got it. Want 10 illuminaughty and 10 frogs? No problem. Want 20 illuminaughty? Caaann do! It's all up to you.