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Watercolor Cannabis Art sticker pack

$7.00 / Sold Out

Packs will include one each of the following stickers:
- baggy of cannabis
- nebula double bubbler
- (1 sticker of) 3 joints
- cannabis plant
- leggy bong
- cosmic potleaf

Six stickers in a baggie topped with a glossy cardstock header.
The designs were all drawn and painted by me, as well as I created the imagery on the header and assembled the packs by hand. Stickers were printed by the amazing crew at StickerApp, and card toppers were printed by Snapfish.


The header cards are 4"x4" (folded to 2"x4"), and the stickers range from 2.4" to 2.5" tall. Each sticker is machine printed on high quality vinyl, and are weatherproof and relatively scratch resistant.

My website info can be found on the reverse side of the cards.

Sticker packs are shipped USPS First Class in a bubble package with tracking. If you live outside the United States, I apologize but can't offer a more affordable shipping option at this time.